Models: SIMON & ALEX

The Story: Two MUSCLED, FIT and TOUGH ATHLETES, Alex (street workout champion, boxer) and Simon (cross-fit athlete), both from Ukraine, enter an INTENSE, PAINFUL COMPETITION! They will have to endure 14 HARD PAIN TESTS and NOT SCREAM!

Who can take the pain like a man?

Part 1 of 3:The first 5 challenges: back whipping, abs beating, thighs whipping, hard-brush abrasion, biceps beating!

The Pain Game 1 – Ukraine Edition – Part 1

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Part 2 of 3:The second 5 challenges: riding crop chest lashing, cat-o-four tails whipping, bullwhip chest whipping, trampling on abs, hard pecs punching!

The Pain Game 1 – Ukraine Edition – Part 2

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Part 3 of 3:The final 4 challenges: six-pack abs being punched hard, long whip to the back, abs beaten by wooden stick, and the “grand finale” of long and painful nipple torture!

The Pain Game 1 – Ukraine Edition – Part 3

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