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Welcome to RealChainedHeroes.com


This site is all about men, heroes, masculinity and pain! See them suffer, sweat and try to stand real torture!

All men participating are over 18 years of age. It is not recommended for viewing by persons under 18 years, as some scenes can be cruel.


All alone. Chained half naked to the wall of the interrogation room. He knows why he is in this dark, threatening room. They will interrogate him… the hard way! They will try to break his will by inflicting pain. They will torture him, mercilessly.

But he is a man. A trained soldier. Fit, strong, tough. No matter what they do to him, he will not talk. His mind must be stronger than his body. He will have to dig deep into his courage to endure the pain and not give in. He will show them. They will not win. They must not win. He has to be strong now.

Then the door to the interrogation room is opened. He looks up to the door and sees his tormentors enter… this is it, now it begins!

The pain and agony will let him prove his manliness. Under pain and duress the beauty of his well-developed muscle body will show itself to the max. His willpower and determination will become apparent as he refuses to talk in spite of the agonies inflicted on his body.

His pain is real. His endurance is real. His manly heroism is real. He is a Real Chained Hero!

Please note that all activities shown in RCH productions are done consensually, and by full agreement of the actors/models involved.


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        The video project RCH is about manliness: it wants to provide viewers the opportunity to see fascinating images of true masculinity. But how can one show and depict manliness in a video?

         First, it is necessary to know what belongs to manliness: which qualities does a man need to be a “real man?” To begin with there are special qualities of the mind, such as the willingness to take risk, the sense of duty to act in the cause of a higher good, the courage to face danger and overcome fear, the strong urge to protect family and friends, and the readiness to self-sacrifice on behalf of comrades. These are all qualities of the mind and important truths, but in our video project philosophy they are, by themselves, not sufficient to convey true manliness.

Torso of Laocoon

         A second and equally important element has to be present: video is a visual art form: its medium is the image. The appreciation of manliness can only succeed if the male form, i.e. a body that is essentially and unmistakably that of a real man, is seen to truly possess the qualities of manliness. This means that the archetype of Man, the essence of the masculine, should be presented for the viewer to look at.

         In art history (painting, sculpture, movies) this image of manliness is shown to the viewer in the form of the hero, more specifically of the “male heroic nude”: a harmoniously muscled and athletic youth, stripped to the waist. The proof of his heroism is provided by specific challenges to his strength, courage and other manly qualities. Only when his manliness is truly challenged can he prove he possesses them. Therefore, heroes must always face and go through hard challenges, for instance by performing feats of strength or enduring physical tortures. As a rule, the hero goes through these challenges with naked upper body, providing the image of “The God-like Warrior in Pain” who can overcome all tests and ordeals.

“God-Like Warrior”
Matteo A’dam

         Showing the naked muscled upper body of a fit and beautiful young male has, of course, an element of eroticism. The heroic nude can arouse some erotic feeling. The plastics of human beauty, impressed upon the viewer when he sees uncovered parts of the male — or female! — body are wont to cause such feelings. The art of seduction in the everyday lives of individuals, and in areas as advertising and the movies, is based on this very experience. For RCH this experience, aroused by male esthetics, is turned into an artistic means to tell a story and convey an idea. The images of the half-naked “God-like Warrior in Pain” present the narrative of manliness. These images are therefore not meant to objectify the male body in a pornographic way.

         This means that RCH aims to present muscular and athletic male models who can both, in their physical appearance and mental attitudes, truly represent the artistic ideal image of “The God-like Warrior in Pain.” RCH videos depict stories of heavy and painful challenges to a young hero and show how he goes through them and proves his mettle. These stories can vary from “interrogation of a strong captured soldier” or “muscled athlete who endures cruel physical tortures as test of manhood” to “rebel muscled slave endures hardships and punishments before fighting for his freedom.” The pain in the videos is real, but remains within reasonable limits: level 7-8 on a scale of 1-10.

         Physical torture is violent, no doubt about it. But for RCH, the infliction of pain on the naked torso is not in any way or form meant to glorify violence. Raw and brutal sadism is not the aim of this project. The pain is only a means to an end, and this end is showcasing the high ideal and virtue of manliness. The well-known motto “No Pain, No Gain” is a fine summary of the artistic vision and philosophy of RCH, on more level than one.

Düsseldorf, 01.06.2020