Models: MUNIR and HOSSIN

The Story:

Two muscled convicts laboring under the whip!

Part 1 of 2:

Hard labor convicts Munir and Hossin are put under a heavy yoke and forced under the whip to haul massive tree-trunks up a steep hill!

The muscles of their strong young bodies flex and strain as they pull and haul, and the cruel whips of the guards lash into their naked backs!

As they reach the top, a brief rest is allowed… Munir and Hossin see an opportunity… they try to escape!

Hosin can escape, but Munir is… captured again!

Fugitives – 1 of 2 Parts Available

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Part 2 of 2:

Convict Hossin was able to escape, but his friend Munir has been captured. The guards take Munir away to be interrogated.

Chained between two trees, Munir is tortured! The Black Guard wants to know where Hossin is hiding! But Munir does not want to betray his friend, no matter how hard they torture him!

From his hiding place, Hossin hears the screams of pain as his friend is tortured. Finally he decides to give himself up… He wants the suffering of his friend Munir to stop.

Now, Hossin is captured and chained between the trees! Soon it is Hossin’s screams of pain that are heard in the woods…

Fugitives – 2 of 2 Parts Available

Purchase Video: https://rch2020.gumroad.com/l/fugitives2