Become “Patron” to RCH:

A Patron donates a minimum of USD $275 – and receives:
• Two (2) years of free access to new RCH videos, starting from the beginning of the partisanship.
• Opportunity to co-create videos (selection of models & selection of torture-methods).
• Access to “extras” from the video-shoot, e.g. interviews with models/actors

RCH already looks forward to your ideas!

But you might want to do more:

• You could sponsor a specific video production, e.g. by offering the model financial support during the time he trains to be the best he physically can be for the video shoot, or because you would like to see a specific model who you particularly like, or because you want to see a video on a specific theme. These things we discuss on a one-to-one basis. In this case, your sponsor money will be repaid with interest after an agreed period of time.

• You could become an investor in RCH for a relatively larger amount of money, become a part-owner and receive an annual percentage, as well as have a say in the production process. In this case we can also agree to pay you back with interest after an agreed period of time (longer than in case if a sponsorship).

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