by Commander

[ Note: In 2010 my apartment in Amsterdam was heavily damaged due to a construction catastrophe in the adjoining warehouse building. The three “Prologue” videos mentioned below were lost at that time. While we are trying to locate DVD copies from other enthusiasts, I here give you my recollection of the origin story of Chained Heroes. But I am now happy to be able to offer you access to the 5 “Classic Chained Heroes” videos from 2001-2005, below. – C ] 


The short history of Chained Heroes starts with the scenes I organized privately, for my own enjoyment. I had been fascinated by images of half-naked and muscular “heroes,” as they appeared in adventure-movies like Hercules, Samson, Ursus etc., etc., in the years 1960-1970. Often there would be a scene, where the hero was captured, taken to a dungeon and tortured, or forced to painful displays of strength in the arena. Ever since I was about 15 years old, this image was vivid to me every day of my life.

At school I organized my first “scene” in the attic at home, when my parents were absent. Somehow, I managed to become good friends with Fons, the sports-hunk of my class, and even more surprisingly I managed to make him agree to go with me upstairs, strip to the waist displaying a fine muscled athlete’s body, be tied up and take strokes and lashes on his naked upper body! There never were any adverse consequences. These scenes (they happened about 4 or 5 times, if I remember correctly) I enjoyed intensely (forever thankful to you, Fons!) and they led me to decide to look for opportunities of this kind also later in life.

I must have been about 35 years old, when I drove through town and saw this guy jogging shirtless, not too far from where I lived. I was stunned. This was by far the hottest guy I had ever seen: a fantastic athlete, muscled but not inflated like a bodybuilder, and amazingly handsome. Then I did something I had never done before. I drove on a bit further, pulled over, got out and went to meet him. He stopped. I just said something along the lines of “sorry, I just have to tell you: you are a fantastic athlete, I admire your body and looks!” My intuition proved correct: he reacted friendly and with an openness, that stimulated me to take things further. To make a long story short: Thom (not his real name, I want to respect his privacy) was open to my suggestion to roleplay a P.O.W. scene with him as prisoner, tortures faked but pictures taken, for a fee (I had guessed right that he was a student in need of extra cash).

We had such scenes a number of times, and driving back after one session, Thom himself asked me, if I would not prefer to hurt him for real instead of faking the tortures. I answered honestly (always the best policy, which has been a key to the success of Chained Heroes later!) and said yes. Then he offered to take pain for real next time, for a higher fee. To this I agreed, and it proved to be one of the best decisions I ever took. We had numerous sessions after that and he turned out to be quite the tough guy, who took pride in taking the whip (amongst other tortures) with manly pride!

These scenes with Thom happened in the years 1999-2000. I still think back at them with joy and can relive the intense emotions of having this hot guy in chains, being able to feel up his hard muscled body and to make him suffer, at least to a level where he could still deal with his pain and retain his dignity. We never had sex and I never did anything to make him feel uncomfortable or humiliated.

The experience of creating a scene like this, according to my fantasies, in which pain was inflicted in order to display manliness and male beauty to its best advantage, was crucial to my further development in this field. I had found something that I could not find anywhere in porn magazines or movies: they were too pornographic to my taste and focused too soon on the sexual dimension. Since that was the case, I decided I just had to repeat this scene-creation for myself, also with other guys. This decision led to my meeting with Lance (“Heroes in Chains”), which I will tell you about in the next part of this short history.

Here are Thom’s pics… see if you agree with me:


The sessions with Thom and others were exciting and good, but I was looking for more. I started to search the gay porn video market for movies on the theme of Hero in Distress and muscled prisoner being whipped and otherwise tortured, but I could find nothing really satisfactory.

Then I discovered the magazine Drummer and through an ad posted there I came into contact with a man in the US with similar interests. He stimulated me to look into possibilities to further develop setting up sessions with handsome, muscular guys.

To make a long (and very interesting!) story short, I found this ad by a young man called Lance, offering gut-punch sessions. He looked to be the ideal prisoner for my fantasies. To my astonishment, after some trust was established, he agreed to accept my invitation to come to Amsterdam and to take part in a session.

As we had agreed, a friend of his, Shawn, came along. Both of them turned out to be great guys and we had a great time. They were both stunningly handsome and in great shape. Lance, of course, was gorgeous and super-hot. Shawn was had been in the military until recently – if I remember correctly – and was manly, muscular and anything but a sissy.

We had a fine session, in which Lance acted as a captured US spy, to be tortured by me and Shawn. Both of them agreed to videotape the session: that was the main point of this setup. I wanted to have a scene of my preference on tape.

The tortures were, for the most part fake, as Lance wished. He did a good job, though, of acting the reactions of his naked upper body being subjected to pain. As most of you probably know, the images were visually quite effective.

The next day over breakfast an important discussion took place. Lance asked whether he could take the footage and market it. I thought about it for a minute, then agreed, if I could keep a copy myself and receive a copy of the video he was going to bring out. I even suggested the title: Heroes in Chains.

Lance did market the video and made a second one as well. This made me think. During a few months I toyed with the idea of starting a series of videos like Heroes in Chains myself. I researched a bit, but hesitated because of my lack of know-how in production and distribution.

But then, I think it was December 2000, I had a chance meeting in Amsterdam with a guy who was, in my eyes, absolute perfection for the project as I envisaged it. This guy was Rob. How this meeting with him turned out to be the birth of Chained Heroes I will explain in the next posting.

Here are a few stills from the session with Lance and Shawn, as a reminder of hours spent with highly satisfactory action!


As a little extra and a warm-up for the story about model Rob of Chained Heroes 1 “Commando Torture” I invite you to take a closer look at Shawn, Lance’s friend who accompanied Lance on his trip to me in Amsterdam.

Although on meeting them at Schiphol Airport I was immediately struck by the fact how good-looking Shawn was, I had not realized he had such a great body until he took off his shirt during the shoot of our private video. This had not been scripted like the rest of Lance’s performance, but you will understand that I made no objections on seeing that muscular, fit, athlete’s physique revealed.

Part of the script was the role-reversal between prisoner Lance and guard Shawn. Like I described in the previous post, Lance refused to take real hard pain and all that was done to his damn fine body was scripted and with punches pulled. The electro was completely fake.

Then Lance got to chain up Shawn in his place and to “take revenge” for the “torture” he had been subjected to. But now something was different!! Lance did not pull his punches! The punches and beating Shawn took to his hard abs were real, as was the short series of whiplashes with, admittedly, a flogger rather than a real whip.

But as you can see, Shawn took his punishment like a man! If I remember correctly, he had just ended a short career in the military (Army, I think) and boy, did he look hot in that position where he was taking pain!

You can imagine that to this day I regret not having asked Shawn right then and there to do a scene with me! I have a feeling he would have agreed, and it would have been even better than with Lance. Sorry Lance, nothing to detract from your performance, but this is what I think.

Anyway, enjoy the few stills with Lance torturing Shawn:


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How lucky can one get? As I was considering starting a series of videos of strong, handsome and muscular guys being captured, interrogated and tortured (see above), my good friend Rolf and I were booking male strippers and dancers for bars and clubs in Amsterdam and elsewhere. One night we looked in on one of our guys, the stripper Flex, and met him in the dressing room. I entered and stood nailed to the floor! There was the ideal guy, the man of my dreams, to be the hero in a POW-torture scene! That guy was Rob.

Rob was a friend of Flex and had come along for fun. He had no part in the gay entertainment scene at all. Not a stripper, not a dancer. Just a guy, a friend of Flex, but good heavens, what a guy!

I invited him for a talk and immediately sensed he was a perfectly straightforward young man, easy to talk to and with inner quiet strength and confidence. So, I decided to be honest and straightforward also, like I had been with Thom. Well, it worked. We agreed on a test session, which went great. Rob proved to be everything I had hoped: without his shirt he proudly presented an awesome muscular and manly body. He took the pain of the whip and other implements of torture during the test like a real man. His reactions, facial and physical, were just perfect. And, best of all: he agreed to be filmed!

With the help of Rolf, I then actually start the project. We found a small web design / photography company and we hired a space in the attic of an S&M clothing shop in center Amsterdam. The scenario was to be the classic “POW interrogation and torture” story.

As it turned out, Rob was the perfect guy for the part. Not only did he have that absolutely stunning physique and a handsome face to match, he also had been a real-time commando of the Special Forces of the Dutch Army. Yes, they do exist: the Korps Kommando-troepen with special tasks in fighting drug-trafficking in the Antilles (former Dutch colonies) in the Pacific and in anti-terrorist operations. At the time, Rob was decommissioned and worked as a firefighter in the Fire Brigade of the city of Amsterdam. He was 28 years old, had a girlfriend, was fit, strong, and afraid of nothing. He had no trouble slipping into the role of a captured special-forces soldier!

While seeing the video would be the best way to convince yourself of the great job Rob did, I give you the next-best thing below: a number of stills, so you can get an impression of Rob’s performance. And I will just add some memories of the scenes we shot.

For Scene 1, Rob was chained in a cell, blindfolded, shirt still on. As I entered (in the role of his sadistic interrogator) I noticed how he genuinely stiffened and how his face showed the signs of some real tension. For a moment, at the beginning of his torture, he did realize his body was to be subjected to real pain. But the moment was just that: a moment. Immediately I could see how his courage and determination took over. He set his jaws. He was ready. I ripped open his shirt to reveal his magnificent chest…

In Scene 2, he was shirtless, to be punished by a long series of lashes with the heavy leather flogger. I can still see how the sheen of sweat on his broad shoulders was whipped dry by the flogger’s tails, the skin reddening more and more. He was able to restrain himself for quite some time and did not scream out, but eventually I could make him groan and finally scream. His manly voice filled the space…

Scene 3 was dedicated to Rob being tortured on the front of his naked upper body. First, I used a studded glove on him, raking the studs down his pecs, abs, sides. Then came a series of strokes with a thin and very painful bamboo stick. Finally, the black rubber nightstick landed again and again on his strong abs. It was very exciting to observe Rob’s facial expressions as he was forced to deal with the pain. Most of the time he took the pain well, even if he groaned or screamed, his facial contortions witnessing his agony. But there were these few moments of high frustration or anger as well, as the pain made itself strongly felt.

Scene 4 consisted of forced workouts. Rob had to perform pull-ups and push-ups to exhaustion while being chained, being forced by the sharp pain of the whip on his sweaty body. The final grueling task was to hold up his own heavy army boots at shoulder height, being whipped whenever he lowered his arms. He was also chained on his neck, forcing him to stay upright. Hot detail: from his own sweat the floor under his knees became slippery, aggravating his task! Finally, he had to give in… he grabbed the chain on his neck to prevent being choked, and I, of course, whipped his defenseless and sweaty torso!

In Scene 5, Rob was chained to a chair, to be tortured on his pecs and nipples. I used real pliers to do this and targeted his large nipples again and again. Here his reactions were again very expressive of his agony and made for great visual effect. During this torture, I also threatened his crotch with the pliers and even let my hand rest on his black shorts covering his genitals. The sadist gay interrogator harassing his defenseless muscular victim…!

Scene 6 shows Rob taking bastinado on the soles of his feet, and strokes with the painful bamboo stick on his abs and rib cage.

Scene 7 is the highlight of “Commando Torture:” the whipping scene with a really vicious thin braided leather whip. The stills may not show it, but some of the welts on Rob’s torso actually opened and a little blood appeared, to make the scene even more intense and hot. Towards the end Rob manages to free his wrists from the restraints and when the interrogator returns to continue the cruel whipping, Rob takes a few more lashes but then frees himself and overpowers his sadistic tormentor. He can escape and takes the tape that had been made of his tortures, to reveal the evidence of this inhuman interrogation to the world…

I should add that Ron and I stayed in touch for some years after filming CH1. Needless to say, we had more sessions together, and they all were intense and great. But also, beyond the “hero-in-distress” action, we met for drinks or dinner. I can assure you: Rob was a great guy, and I am thankful I had the opportunity to get to know him.

Enjoy the stills of Rob:


Now available at:

Some months after the shooting and production of CH1 “COMMANDO TORTURE,” my friend Rolf and I were at a gay dance club in Antwerp (Belgium), where go-go dancers and strippers from Amsterdam (booked for the club by us) were entertaining the crowds. During the night, I wandered around in the club and my “boy-radar” picked up this young man, obviously working for the club as busboy picking up glasses and bottles. I was struck by his youthful good looks and obvious athletic build. He moved quickly, worked hard and passed me by several times, throwing me a quick glance. About an hour later, deep into the night, he did his rounds again, but now he had stripped to the waist! He had a fine body, beautifully balanced muscles and was in great shape. So, I talked to him and…

About a month later he came to visit in Amsterdam. We needed little time to agree on working together. As soon as it was settled that I was not after some sexual gratifications, he made it clear he was willing to do several things: doing male strip shows and making a torture video for me. He was straight, a working-class guy, worked a grueling day job in a steel factory, and had a child by a girlfriend. He had the intention to marry and take care of his family, but was penniless…

After the customary test session, during which I noticed that Marcello had a fighter’s heart and courage, we decided to make a video, again on the P.O.W. theme. Marcello spoke little English but could say “no mission” in many different ways, expressing anger, determination, frustration and yes, also agony! The perfect actor for the role, because he had to keep silent no matter what would be done to that amazing body of his.

The space was the same where CH1 was also filmed. The difference was that the camera crew had changed: now Rolf, who is a great photographer, was in charge of lighting and shooting. By the way, the good news is that he will be behind the camera again for Real Chained Heroes!

Like I said, Marcello was a natural fighter. He was chained up in the torture room, in his camo pants and, of course, stripped to the waist, presenting his muscled athlete’s physique, and from the moment the torture started and he felt pain (he took real pain, believe me!), he let his anger help him to deal with the agony. He really identified with his role and was absolutely determined not to give in, but to hold out his pain until the end of the shoot.

Let me tell you one anecdote, which teaches you everything about Marcello and his manly attitude. During another shoot (never published, alas) he had to take a series of abs punches. The puncher did a poor job, in the eyes of Marcello! He said (in French): “Come on, hit me! Harder!” and then, after he was unchained for a break, he looked at me – his abs already reddened – with that fiery look in his eyes and said: “The guy is afraid! He must do like this!” as he punched hard into the door to the bathroom of the studio. The force of his punch made that door creak, and he almost broke it! I could see in his eyes that he was serious: the puncher should punch him for real!

Marcello and I became friends of a kind, actually. He was a fine young man and very nice to be around. And yes, he and I had many sessions in private, and all of those were always intense and hot. Marcello gave it his all, always… he entered the torture room, changed into his camo pants and stripped to the waist, and stood ready to be chained. He took the whip really well and expected from me also to take his torture seriously: no pulling of punches or weak lashes! For him, taking the pain was proving that he was a man. I gladly offered him the opportunity to do so. After a few years he did marry, and we lost contact sometime after that.

Enjoy the stills from “P.O.W. IN PAIN” below. As I selected them for you, I remembered with respect Marcello’s extraordinary performance.


Now available at:

I met David the first time as he came to the gay dance club in Antwerp to perform as a go-go dancer. He was from Paris and seemed to be the senior dancer of the group of Parisian guys (all of them very handsome and hot, by the way!) But I liked David immediately as a person. He was more mature than the others, apart from the fact that he was stunningly handsome and had a body like a Greek statue.

From time to time, he came to Amsterdam as well to perform as dancer and male stripper. On these occasions he stayed at my place. My apartment was in the center of the city, close to the clubs where he performed, and I offered some peace and quiet, as well as privacy. Needless to say, I was also quite happy to have such a handsome young man as my guest every once in a while!

Only after I knew David more than a year, I ventured to suggest that we do a pain session together. To my surprise, he immediately agreed. We did the test session and I found that David could take a lot. As I whipped him, I was really impressed by his reactions: his body seemed to become even more handsome as his muscles strained and flexed and as his manly face contorted in pain. The decision to shoot a scene was soon made.

The location of CH1 and CH2 was no longer available, so something else needed to be found. Our new cameraman came up with this abandoned building, a “deserted place,” right in the center of town, directly opposite the main building of the Dutch Central Bank. A nice case of hiding in plain sight! We just took some scaffolding and black cloth and turned one of the larger rooms of the building into a torture room! The scaffolding was perfect cover: none of the many people passing by took any notice, probably thinking we were construction workers…

Thanks to the lighting skills of the new cameraman, David’s body took center stage: the threatening darkness encompasses his statuesque physique, and the torturer and his instruments enter that softly lit space to cause pain and to punish. Nothing hampers the spectator in focusing his gaze on that amazingly beautiful young man and his agony.

Characteristically David cooperated professionally in the shooting. He had made sure to be in top physical shape and no word of complaint was to be heard. He had agreed to be tortured, so he let himself be tortured. The stills bear witness to this unique attitude.

Of all models that participated in CH productions, David was a special case. Over the years I had the opportunity to get to know him a bit better, though he spoke little about his private life. Only that he made money as dancer and fitness trainer, that he had practiced martial arts, and that he lived together with an older girlfriend in Paris. But I always had the impression of a certain sadness about him. He never told me so, but I am quite sure that he was not happy with his life in the entertainment and sports world. He yearned for the quiet life, and stability… but he never found it. I sometimes even had the impression that he agreed to be tortured and beaten out of some sense of guilt or wish to be punished. But that is just my impression… I could be wrong.

He liked to wear a t-shirt with the caption “Look Better Naked.” Very true and appropriate in his case. Sadly, some years after we made “No Mercy,” I heard that David had died unexpectedly. It was probably a congenital heart disease that proved fatal for this exceptional young man and prematurely ended his life. The stills below are, therefore, also a tribute to him!


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Of all the guys starring in the original Chained Heroes series, Mateo was the wildest one. I first met him when he did a strip show and I was riveted at the pure eroticism of that body of his. With his appearance he cast a spell on the onlookers, I noticed. Everybody’s eyes were fixed on that glistening, muscular athlete, a paragon of strength and health, stripping off his clothing and showcasing that amazing physique!

We met and discussed if he would be willing to let himself be tortured and filmed, but at first he was rather hesitant. He had a cautious nature and made sure he could trust me before engaging in the activities I was proposing. Later he explained that his past had played a role in being so hesitant. He had served in the Foreign Legion and had been trained to perform “behind enemy lines” operations. During one of these, in Serbia, his unit had been captured and they had been badly treated (!) in the short time of their captivity, until they had been exchanged for a Serb officer held prisoner by NATO forces. So yes, I could see that he had some doubts about being chained up and having his near naked body vulnerable to whiplashes, strokes with a stick, and whatnot!

Like always, there was a test session and sure enough, Mateo was able and willing to take pain! As he was so stunningly handsome, I decided to make a more elaborate scenario with scenes also outside the torture room. The abduction theme allowed us to make a short introductory bedroom scene with Mateo and his “girlfriend,” then an outdoor training scene (shot in the huge Amstelveen Park in Amsterdam, where a few gentlemen of a certain persuasion appeared to be very interested in watching the shirtless Mateo…!) leading to the fatal meeting with an agent of a model agency. Then his arrival at the agency, his being chloroformed and taken away to the dungeons to be subjected to sadistic tortures.

During the shoot, Mateo lived up to his talents. He suffered beautifully and let his frustration and anger show in his facial expressions and the writhing and flexing of his impressive muscles while being tortured.

Interestingly, it appeared that he had some true “special ops” skills indeed! Of course, he was restrained – with ropes, chains and leather restraints – but after a scene sometimes he appeared to be able to free himself even before I came to him to untie him! With a knowing smile on his face, he noticed my surprise and he said: “You see? Now you know I do trust you. I could have freed myself from almost any scene!”

Mateo was a real adventurer. During his visits to Amsterdam, he went downtown practically every night and had fun in the Red Light District, bars and other venues. Afraid of nothing, one time he actually knocked down a pimp, when he was dissatisfied with the services of a girl, and had to come back early to my place. His story and a few bruises on his face explained some angry doorbell rings, but soon enough the little storm blew over.

During his years in the Foreign Legion, he had not only become a skilled fighter, but also a skilled cook! When visiting me he always prepared some delicious meals. I was not surprised to learn a few years after CH4 that he had moved from Paris to Belgium with his older girlfriend, where they opened a little café-bistro.

The last thing I heard of him was that he had found a good open-space location for another CH production in the woods in Belgium. Unfortunately, I had already decided by then to stop making new videos, after CH5 was done. But I was touched by his loyalty, that he was still thinking of me and of the project!

I hope you enjoy the stills I collected below. They are focused on the long torso-torture scene, which I think is one of the best we did. I’ve also added two black-&-white modeling shots of Mateo, done by a photographer friend in Amsterdam.


Now available at:

CH5 is dedicated to a lifelong fascination of mine: corporal punishment. As long as I can remember the image of the muscular, tough and shirtless man being tied or chained to a whipping post (single thick wooden post or solid wooden frame), his naked torso the target of the punisher’s whip, his muscles flexed and taut in anticipation of pain, his face and eyes clearly showing the signs of defiance and the willpower to deal with the pain like a man, has never failed to impress me. When the punishment starts and the whip lashes into that manly torso, that muscled body reacts to the impact of the whip and the explosion of pain, those groans and later screams of suffering are heard, those strong fingers grasp the chains tightly and a sweat begins to show, I too react with a mixture of admiration and excitement.

I wanted to provide viewers with an opportunity to experience this same primal set of feelings, when I produced CH5. I decided to reduce all production features to the essentials of the administration of corporal punishment the way we like it. First and foremost, the prisoners being punished would have to be young, muscular, manly, in-shape and handsome: that was the first requirement, a requirement that I never failed to uphold in CH1-5 (at least, I think so) and will continue to uphold in future productions. Secondly, the administration of punishment had to have this formality or ritual to it: the shirtless prisoner presenting himself for punishment, the quick scrutiny of the body to make sure the prisoner is truly “fit for punishment,” the process of the prisoner’s wrists being shackled to the post, the announcement of the sentence (in CH5: 60 lashes, that is “five dozen”), the slow administration of the 5 sets of 12 lashes, the counting of the lashes administered (to allow time between lashes and let the pain “develop”). Thirdly, the camera should focus on the body punished: in this case those broad muscular backs increasingly showing the welts of the lashes. In between some close-ups of the facial reaction to the impact of the pain and of the biceps flexing as the whip lashes into the naked back.

Looking back to this production I feel I should have let the prisoners present themselves for punishment with a shirt still on and have them strip to the waist for physical scrutiny and then being chained for punishment. Would that not have enhanced the intensity of the scene? Or would it have taken too long before the whipping itself? Let me know what you think:

The cameraman also did the editing of the raw material and persuaded me to include some black-&-white shots and of some mixed images of the prisoner standing ready before punishment and the still-opened shackles hanging ready for his wrists to be restrained. I really like these features, I must admit. All available via the link below and again, I would like your opinion of them. Which do you like best?

As for the models, Marcello and Rob were willing to take the lash again. Then I had found two brothers, whose artist’s names were Tyson and Mark, ready to be flogged on-camera. They both were great athletes, muscular and in excellent shape, and most importantly: they were no sissies. They took the lashes really well, especially Mark (the guy in the olive-green pants), whose stoicism while dealing with the hard lashes on his naked broad back still impresses me today.

But the hottest guy in this production was Niko, the body-builder guy with the stocky physique (in Scene 3). Thanks to a good friend, I came into contact with Niko. He was an ex-pat from Australia living and working in Amsterdam and training that body of his to produce the awesome muscularity and shape you see on him in the video. He simply pronounced he’d be ready to accept the challenge to be whipped hard for a fee, and that was it. He showed up for the shoot, already pumped up and ready, stripped to the waist and let himself be whipped. He was psyched up to the max and let us all feel that as well, so his whipping was the most intense of them all. Soon after the shooting he left for Australia and, unfortunately, we never had contact again. So, I can just say now: thank you, Niko! In gratitude, I added 2 extra pics of him at the end of the screen caps of the men from CH5: