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Semi-Short History of „Chained Heroes“

Read the history by Commander of how he began filming scenes of „Heroes in Distress“ starring various beautiful, rugged men he met in Amsterdam and other European cities. These first scenes led to a series of 5 videos called „Chained Heroes,“ which were the progenitors of the video series you can now see descriptions of (and purchase through links) here at

Illustrated with screen captures of our earliest „Heroes.“

Michael Slade: Marine Warrior

Text story by Commander that reveals the prototypical experiences of one of our „Real Chained Heroes.“

„Michael Slade“ illustration left ©1975 by German Twister. A „Drawing Collection“ consisting of 27 drawings and sketches by German Twister was previously available at, but it appears that now German Twister’s drawings are no longer available at his new Gumroad web page titled „Sport Prisoners“ :

Michael Slade: Marine Warrior – Illustrations by AfterDark

Illustrations ©2016 by AfterDark to accompany the story by Commander, above.

Ajamu the Slave

Can 24-year-old, strong, black slave Ajamu earn enough money fighting other slaves in „The Pit“ to buy freedom for himself and his beloved Makena? Not if Lord Beckworth and his overseer Edwards have anything to say about it! Read the Commander’s story, first published at Aquadude’s Bunker in July, 2014.

Erik the Rebel – Text version

Text story by Commander introducing Erik, a rebel against the tyrannical rule of Duke William, was a 26-year-old field hand, on trial for „rebellion and robbery.“ His session in the Court was brief, as usual. Such proceedings were quick, since a „rebel: was not allowed any defense, and his guilt was thus certain.

The Duke let his eyes wander over the young man in front of him. He looked with interest at this blonde rebel, his handsome face and obviously strong, muscular frame. There was a slight stubble on his square, determined jaws, and some chest hair was visible underneath the wide-open shirt. He had broad shoulders, a slim waist and one could see his legs were strong under the tight-fitting breeches. A fine specimen, the Duke was musing…

Read how Erik endures his sentence of servitude for the period of 20 years at one of the Prison Estates on the Island of Sant Angelo.

Thumbnail illustration left by AfterDark ©2020

Erik the Rebel – Illustrations With and Without Text

Artwork created by AfterDark in 2020 to illustrate Commander’s story of Erik (see above.) There are 2 online galleries available: images that are cropped slightly so that relevant text can accompany the image; and full-size images, with no text. Also, downloadable printable PDF versions of both galleries.

Visit AfterDarK’s Patreon site at: for more great artwork!

Janosik: Bandit & Hero

A text story by Commander based on the story of real-life brigand and highwayman Juro Janosik, a hero-figure from history, who is still regarded as a legendary character in Poland and Slovakia. This is the unbridled imagining of Juro’s trial and punishment, amplified by the Commander’s unique spin on history & punishment.