Model: Edge

The Story: After being tortured without success by the cruel Warlord, Commando Hunter managed to free himself, overpower the Warlord and escape.

Now the Warlord wants REVENGE! Beast, the Warlord’s most brutal henchman, is ordered to ABDUCT Hunter: he has to take him alive, so the Warlord can make him suffer!

Part 1 of 3: Commando Hunter CAPTURED and forced into HARD LABOR, digging his own grave!

Mission Betrayed 2 – Revenge of the Warlord – Part 1

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Part 2 of 3: Commando Hunter is STAKED-OUT on a bed of sharp stones, and suffers a series of CRUEL TORTURES: bastinado, abs beating, chest torture, navel- and nipple-torture and… TORTURE WITH ANTS!

Mission Betrayed 2 – Revenge of the Warlord – Part 2

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Part 3 of 3: After the long series of tortures, they put a heavy crossbeam on Commando Hunter’s strong shoulders and take him to the place of CRUCIFIXION! There Hunter is whipped cruelly, until his tormentors think he is dead… so they bury him… but, is he REALLY DEAD??

Mission Betrayed 2 – Revenge of the Warlord – Part 3

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