Model: EDGE

The Story: Commando Hunter is on a solo mission: to do a recon into the camp of his enemy, “Warlord Pagan.” Before entering the camp, Hunter is to meet with Ahmed, who will help him enter the enemy camp. Hunter contacts his HQ via mobile phone before making contact with Ahmed. He knows the enemy must never have access to this contact, so he keeps his mobile locked with a code.

Hunter and HQ do not know that Ahmed is a traitor! Ahmed has betrayed Hunter’s mission to his boss, the Warlord Pagan!

Hunter moves secretly to the meeting place… but the enemy is waiting for him!

Part 1 of 3: Capture and PunishmentCommando Hunter is captured on his secret mission by the Warlord’s men! Hunter is to be interrogated, but first the Warlord makes him SUFFER a MERCILESS WHIPPING!

Muscled Commando Hunter is WHIPPED HARD by his enemy Warlord.

Mission Betrayed 1 – Torture! – Part 1: Capture and Punishment

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Part 2 of 3: Pain Endurance – Commando Hunter is brought to a Room of Pain where he suffers TORTURE: abs-beating, hard brush abrasion of his armpits and ribcage, 4-tail rope-whip lashes, brutal navel torture and hard leather whiplashes!

Hunter is TORTURED MERCILESSLY and must ENDURE THE PAIN to protect his mission.

Mission Betrayed 1 – Torture! – Part 2: Pain Endurance

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Part 3 of 3: Unbroken – Commando Hunter is captured and tortured on his secret mission by the Warlord’s men! Now the Warlord goes all out to break Hunter! Pliers, heavy-duty metal clamps, a nail-board, whips and electro-shocks!

Hunter is TORTURED MERCILESSLY… will the PAIN break his strong WILL?

Mission Betrayed 1 – Torture! – Part 3: Unbroken

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