Now available: the five “Classic” videos created by the Commander for his original version of the Real Chained Heroes website, which was called simply Chained Heroes.

CH-1 – Commando Torture

Vintage Chained Heroes video (2001)
Commando Rob‘s cruel and sadistic torture!
Rob is beaten, whipped, suffers pliers and nipple torture, bastinado, forced workout.
Brutal interrogation: beating, whipping, bastinado of muscled stud Rob!

Rob in “COMMANDO TORTURE” – 50 minutes running time

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CH-2 – P.O.W. In Pain

Vintage Chained Heroes Video (2002)
Tough muscled soldier Marcello is interrogated and heavily TORTURED.
He is whipped, beaten, nipple tortured, tortured with pliers and heavy metal clamps.
But he will NOT break!
Muscled stud Marcello brutally tortured with pliers, whips, nightstick, metal clamps and more!

Marcello in “P.O.W. IN PAIN” – 84 minutes running time

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CH-3 – No Mercy

Vintage Chained Heroes Video (2003)
Undercover cop David is exposed! The Crime Boss’ friendship now turns into anger!
David is punished by relentless sadistic tortures!
Beating, nipple torture, abrasion, electro-torture and long, cruel whipping!
Greek-god muscled hunk beaten and tortured by sadistic Crime Boss.

David in “NO MERCY” – 61 minutes running time

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CH-4 – Abduction

Vintage Chained Heroes Video (2004)
Kickboxer Matteo is offered a photo-shoot while training…
He ends up being abducted and sadistically tortured!
Beating, chest whipping, electro-torture, ass beating and finally he is whipped into unconsciousness!
Muscled and tough hunk being cruelly tortured until he loses consciousness.

Matteo in “ABDUCTION” – 56 minutes running time

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CH-5 – Corporal Punishment

Vintage Chained Heroes Video (2005)
5 prisoners – Tyson, Mark, Niko, Marcello & Rob – take their licks!
Each is sentenced to 60 lashes on the naked upper body.
Each of them takes the pain in his own way…
5 muscled strong hunks, stripped to the waist, get 60 hard lashes!

Tyson, Mark, Niko, Marcello & Rob in “CORPORAL PUNISHMENT” – 59 minutes running time

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