The Heroes are back

Finally! Check back often!


    1. Well, why not BE a part of it?! If you’re suitable material, why not appy to RCH – or, if you’re in the UK, find a suitable Dom to put you thru’ your paces. Talk more if you’re interested…

  1. I mean, it will be the best part with model and supermuscle Oleg here at at chained heroe. I folle this bull since years at instagramm and hope for a great tortureshow….and a level of 10 for rhat bull.

  2. wow the classical videos series are very hot, the models come from Hungary? The hungarian are hot when you come on back in this country to find new models

  3. love the mercenary nick series. still very much looking forward to seeing him punished in the hard labor camp. please keep the great videos cumming.

  4. Edge suffers fantastically. But the whipping in Mission Betrayed 2 “Revenge of the Warlord” Part 3 is partly disappointing – the whipping by the big guy is so limp, it would’ve been better if he’d not been there. I was thinking of buying the Munir whip scene, but I see he’s in that as well, so I don’t think it’ll be worth it.
    A shame, cos loads of the Edge vids are really HOT!!!

  5. Just been watching 1st part of Pain Game Algeria – very hot! Only trouble is, Edge is MUCH more experienced than Hadz – he ought to have a handicap! Something like having to take double the number in each test that Hadz does?

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